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what are basic moves???

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Like I said been out of the loop for a while. Going to lock up a red R1 tomorrow.:) Im gunna get rid of the plate holder, throw on some tips & look into rims..What are you guys running for exhaust? brand of rims you recommend? any info would be great....guess at this point being out of the street scene for years makes me a "POSER" at this point in time:blush :dunno I never keep anything stock, gotta be differant from everyone else....If I knew how I would post some pics of my bikes & quads????
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man you dont know what you just started!!! haha
Too much to list. Go get a couple of mags. 2wheel tuner, or super street bike.
do a search for these pipes... i think i've seen them here somewhere???:dunno
search the threads...they have about 608,967,122 topics on it...

best of luck...hope the bike looks hot...

what are basic moves???
They would be "high-side", "low-side", "looping-it", and the ever popular "speed-wobble"...

That pretty much covers it, right there... :fact For "out-of-the-loop & street-scene" riders jumping onto an R1 for the first time... (from the sounds of it)

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