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What did I see?

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I got behind a dude doing wheelies, he was on a Gix 600. I saw him down shift to 2nd then crank on the throttle then it looked like he let it go then cranked on it again and the bike lifted effortlessly. I asked him if he bounced it and he said he clutched it. For whatever reason I cannot get my bike to lift more than a couple of inches in 2nd.

What do y'all think he did? Thanks.
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I see you have an 02 f4i, so does my roomie. Wheelies very easily. Especially in first. You can either clutch or power wheelie it. In first just get to about 6 or 7 RPM's and burp the throttle, let off and crank it hard. try changing your hand position on the throttle to be sure to get all of it and the front end will lift. In second you have to be up around 11 or so I think and make sure your ass is back against the passanger seat and when you crack the throttle tug on the bars a bit and it'll come right up.

To clutch it you just have to 'tap' the clutch. in second gear get at around 5 RPM's and hit the gas while pulling the clutch in a bit (like a flick) and let go. Don't pull it all the way in. It should just be to the point where the clutch is slipping and not really pulling your bike. it takes practice but you'll get it. That bike will do sit downs in first and second, power and clutch and stand ups in first and second. (dont' really know why you would do first gear stand ups tho, but you could) Just keep practicing and it'll come. Took me a year before I could wheelie well. Be safe and if you're not ready, don't do it. you have to get to the point that when the bike comes up and it feels like it's 'so high' you're okay with it. Generally you're not as high as you think.

Riding one out will slowly come with the feel of lightly rolling off the clutch. Again, PRACTICE! And please be safe. Enjoy and hope this helped.
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guys, lay off the R1 wheelie advice and flaming, he has an f4i and is just a rockie askin' questions............ i'm sure the first day you hopped on a bike you could ride a 1 mile stand up huh???

P.S. what R1 do you have? Since it's not in your description. The newer R1's arn't easy to wheelie in second. The gearing is so tall its actually one of the more difficult liter bikes to get up and keep up. Dont' get me wrong it can def. be done but the 98-03 are wheelie crazy, but not so much the 04-06...
unstable like front wheel shake? What do you mean? and if it's front wheel shake it's just because its almost lifted off the ground most likely so there's not much friction keeping it in a straight line.
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