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I love to watch a MotoGP race as much as any of you guys do. But I want it to be really interesting at the same time. I Love to see Rossi start back lets just say in 5th position. Now hear me out. We all know that if he is in the front row he is just going to start playing with whomever it is that is second or who happens to be in first place at that moment, which seems to happen about 99 % of the time. But damn I love to see it when he pretty far back say 8th because of a bad start. Then he start to pick them apart. One by one, he's probably like "You are bedii bedii slow, time to pass LOL. Then on top of that can you imagine what the person in front of him is saying to himself when they find out that his is behind them. They must be like F U C K me, LOL. But that all make for a good race correct? But I also want to see him tie up Doohan's record don't get me wrong.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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