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OEM Tyres

Just got 6500Km out of the Rear OEM Dunlop208L. For same type of running I would normally get 3500Km out of a Pirelli Corsa. So tyre must be fairly hard compound.

Had no problem with the Dunlops till the rear let go big time with no warning at Philip Island out of turn 12 onto straight. This is a FAST turn....Confidence became a problem. Fitted a 208 (no sufix letter?) to run out the front and have just done about 300Km on a fairly grippy track (Darlington QLD)and this tyre feels good but was not sure how far to push it.

Who knows what the difference is between a 190 208 and a 190 208L. There seems to be a difference in the profile outer radius and the 208 also seems stickier.

Anyway, I like the OEM Dunlop milage but would like my confidence back even more so think I will go back to Pirellis..

Stay safe..
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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