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Experts license

In OMRRA you have to go thru the novice school, or provide credentials from DP safety, Pridmore, Team Hammer etc to get a novice license.
No crashes ( unless someone takes you out and it can be verified by a corner judge ), and a minimum of 4 complete race weekends, of which 3 races in a row, YOU MUST equal a lap average of 1:22 or below on an R-1, a 1:24 average on a 600, 1:30 average on an FZR-400 etc. 90% of the guys have difficulty getting near those cutoff times, but this keeps the wobblers out of the expert ranks where they are generally moving chicanes for quite some time. A 1:10 is a competetive R-1 expert pace, so the difference in "speed" from front running experts to the rows further back is huge.
In his first 250 race Jonah lapped up thru 6th place in 10 laps, so speed's a relative thing. I see some guys here pressing to get out of novice as quick as possible, but classes like Open SS or 600ss are RED MEAT classes that are spooky to ride in if you are " fast " and experienced, as opposed to being a newly graduated novice;) Seat time is HUGE. Take your time and pick a bike that gives you as many races as you can stand. Good luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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