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Im wondering what type of Gear you guys wear while riding. It seems that Dainese and Vanson are the most popular choice for riders in my area, unfortunatly they are expensive.

I wear

Joe rocket sonic jacket.. All black
Hjc Leather pants. Black
Sidi Sympatex.. Black
most confortable boots in the world. They are some of the best i have ever worn.

Shoei rf800.. Black

My other setup.. Which is more confortable is

Joe rocket Tahoe jacket
Alpinestars pants

My pants dont have knee slider velcro attachments. Does anyone know if its possible to get knee sliders that dont require the velcro, maybe some that strap onto the pants with elastic???!

If anyone could, post pics of your gear! Mine is full of smoched bugs right now.. Im waiting for a good thunderstorm to wash them away.


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Anytime on the bike..........

General toodling around :
Joe rocket reactor jacket, G-Moto back protector, Alpinestars smx plus or smx boots, teknic GP gloves,JNCO jeans (look so cool with racing boots while doing a standup.)and fox knee protection.
Training to defeat Rossi: Teknic violator jacket, teknic leather pants, SMX plus boots, Teknic Gp gloves.
Royal Blue KBC VR1 helmet for hard riding, White,blue, silver and black VR1 for posing.

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Depends on what I'm doing.

Commuting: Aerostitch Roadcrafter two-piece suit over my Air Force issue flight suit & boots.

Touring: Aerostitch Darien jacket and pants with an electric vest, Combat Touring boots

Track days: Spidi Vortex leathers.

Helmet is a Shoei X-SPII Criville and Alpinestar GP Plus gloves.

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Been thru this already, but what the hell...

Alpinestars Haga leathers
Alpinestars GP plus gloves
Alpinestars GP plus boots
AGV Gary McCoy Helmet
Dainese Back protector

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I wear sandals, shorts, a bandana & some really cool Oakley sunglasses that my mommy just bought me. That way EVERYONE I see will think that I am really bitchin'!!! :iamwithst :iamwithst :iamwithst :iamwithst :iamwithst

Actually I have a Yamaha factory race jacket, Teknic race gloves, and a Simpson Superbandit helmet. The factory pants & Teknic boots are soon to come!!! :thumbup

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Arai RX7RR4 Lid (Edwards #3)
Dainese T-Age two-piece leathers white/black
Knox back protecter
Dainese R gloves
Dainese T-IN boots

And for commuting I have a nice lookwell all-weather jacket and pants. Warm comfy and plenty of protection.

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I wear the Yamaha gear. Its nice qualiy stuff. I also wear a Shoei RF-900

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ARAI Quantum F Blue/White Okada replica

Vanson Leathers Cobra jacket

Teknic black Violator Studded Gloves

Doc Martin ankle high boots, they are the most damn confortable boots I will wear plus they are stylish:lol

01' R1

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If im going by a friends house or a quick stop not too far away i wear a string vest, pair of shorts and sneakers - no socks hehehe..... but then again i live in the tropics and its hot as hell here and im not wearing full gear during the day. That would be more dangerous, because I would probably pass out.

At night, I wear my blue and white Yamaha racing leathers, shoei RF900 TC-2 Blade.

BTW I wear a helmet at all times.
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