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I'm with JAY on this. I paid $109 for the spring, and they installed it free of charge (changing the spring is actually easy if you have the spring compressors).

Most will take the approach of searching for an Ohlins or something, although they may not need that much shock.

If you are looking at an 04 that has 16,000 miles or greater, it's probably due for a rebuild (oil change etc) and it might be worth looking into sending to RaceTech or another reputable company for a full rebuild with valving changed to suit your riding and a spring. It will still come in many hundred dollars below an aftermarket shock.

That being said, mine is probably due for rebuild (04 model, 12,000+ miles, track time, many rough miles, and I weigh 220). Not sure I'll rebuild it. Might have to do a little something different :sing:

Seriously folks... before you sink a ton of money into something you might not benefit from, call Race Tech or Traxxion or another company. EVERYONE can benefit from proper suspension setup, but 5k worth of suspension on the street may be excessive. These companies offer fantastic alternatives.

Dan, where did you get your spring?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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