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· That wasnt a wheelie! moron.
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A little backround:

a weeklong burn down the roadways in the finest and fastest cars money can buy, speeding outrageously, fucking everything, spinning donuts, laying patches, binge-drinking top-shelf liqueurs, soiling the sheets of venerable Chateaux, crashing frequently and buying their way out of trouble every mile along the way with the haughty devil-may-care insouciance that can only be assumed by gilded dirtbags who regard a flaming Ferrari in a ditch as an amusing tax write-off.

Sounds fun. :)

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why in hell do those morons make this gumball race in the US ? ( gumball game started in great britain as far as i know ) with the american speedlimit they CANT FUCKING RACE AT ALL ! silly morons !

in my opinion they'd better start their damn game somewhere in europe or russia or elsewhere without all those busy :machinegu cops out there :)

:bs :bs :bs
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