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Juerg said:
292km/h according to the PS test.
Didn't try on mine and won't within the next month or so. But once the first 1000 miles are over I'll visit the german Autobahn ;)
What he is trying to say is:
292 kilometer/hour = 181.4403881 mile/hour (mph)

299 kilometer/hour = 185.7899865 mile/hour (mph)

So this is exactly what I said above.:2bitchsla

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i got a mag where they tested the 2004 Honda 1000RR and it toped out at 196mph and it was limited (gonverned)

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Nukedog said:
Now subtract the 10% speedo error... It will probably do about 182 on a GPS or Radar...
i wouldnt know but i tought the spedos read faster than you are really going i want to try the gps thing i herd its damn acurate
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