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what's your riding style

  • Full out, corner demon

    Votes: 23 41.1%
  • One wheel wonder

    Votes: 8 14.3%
  • casual rider who likes to twist it now and then

    Votes: 24 42.9%
  • Posser (should be walking)

    Votes: 1 1.8%

what's your riding style

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Just curious about how everone tends to ride. I like to take it easy and get on the gas every once and a while just to make sure I'm still alive :crash
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With all the freakin CHP and cops, I'm a daily commuter putt puttin' around town..... but then let it loose on the hills on the weekend. I try to keep em rubbers down. ;)
I guess there are no "possers" on this sight :thumbup
Ok, I'll admit it, I'm a poser.:cool:
I buy bricks buy the pallet so I can rub them on my tire to look like I ride, and on weekends...I actually trailer my bike to the local hangout and then park my truck and trailer behind the building so people think I rode out there, but I really don't know how to ride. I just haven't figured out how to rub the bricks on the front of my bike yet so I have any kind of lean angle.:D
well its hard but I just ride for fun and hit some turns here and there ( option 3)


I also pose for :boobies
im not a wheelie person at all, i mean i can do it but too many cops on my ass when i do it. I don't know why but whenever i do it they always pop out form some mysterious place. weird. anyways i love the corners tho. i can let my self go on the corners.:rock :rock :rock :rock :rock

Wide open till I see GOD, then brake

Wheelies everywhere

Stoppies at every light

Good clean lines through the turns with smooth brake and throttle applications

I am a goofball and ride like one, although I take riding well very seriously

I will do a five mile wheelie before the end of summer, not a "it felt like five miles" but an honest 5 mile marker signs wheelie.

I also plan on taking the R1 out for a track day this year. i have never been on te track with a bike that had real power, I think It will be fun. Me and my buddy endurance race a 99 F4, but it's a no turning, no stopping, pack a lunch if your trying to go somewhere bike...lol Be fun to see the difference between the race bike and my street bike.

I will also be drag racing when ever I can cause hell it's fun and cheap :)
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We ride hard.
Wheelies, stoppies, burnies whenever the cops aren't around. And even when they are!-I have some video of my friend and I doing stand ups about 80 yards ahead of a cop, didn't know she was behind us. She was cool , she let us go. :rock
I love to get out and take the corners at 100 plus. Go though traffic 100 plus. Only in a controled settings hehehe.:D Trying to perfect sit down wheelies and rolling the stoppies. Plain old still young and stuipd. Ya:eek:
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