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Ok anyone can tell me how you do wheelie with your Fifth Gear I heard allot about it I don’t know if this is true or no I saw in one site but I don’t remember that someone can do wheelie with his 6th Gear !! anyway whoever want to post or answer this Question please Go in Details how Step by step even if you fart while you do the wheelie type it here please hehe and thanks in advance
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I think that's me you're talking about :D
Watch that video... look at when I bring it up in 6th.. you'll see that I bounce it up. Also can I let you know that i stood up.

Try to .. lean backwards more and more and do the snap of the throttle. Lean backwards slowly.. and then just bounce it.. with both feets at the same time as you snap the throttle (on and off).. and up she'll come.

But dude, you got to be careful on the R1 about this.. don't attempt that in 1st gear.. not even in 2nd.. it might just come up too fast.

Next season I will know what the R1 can do.

Oh btw, when I wheelied in 6th on the RR '93 I didn't use any clutch. You shouldn't either.
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Thanks swedie appreciate it :)
damn I cant do a wheelie @ all in any gear, I am ashamed of myself Ime not a verry good rider, but I can customize the hell out of an R1, does that make me a squid? Geese I hope not, hey at least I am not stupid, I dont try to show off and ride beyod my means, right ???
Here is how ya do wheelies :rock These are the Starboyz from Akron
A nice 12 o'clock wheelie :yesnod
that guy doing the 12 o clock passed me on I 77 about 2 months ago, slowed down, pulled it up and paased me again w/ the bike strait up in the air and waved @ me as he road by. :rock :rock
That's way out there...:eek: but at what point in the wheelie do you stop cranking the throttle??? The last thing I want to do w/ my new R1 is flip it on it's back...I mean hell, my injuries can heal right>>> Yeah...My Katana750 is a hog, I couldn't get the front wheel 2ft off the ground to save my life!!
I can pop my bike up in first by jerking the throttle, but I want to learn how to stand up and keep it up if you know what i mean. any suggestions?
I can pop mine up in second but im to scared to keep it up but in first I can keep it up untill it redlines and not get scared
how much do you jerk your throttle on first?
I kind of hit it hard I was wheeling yesterday and I was going like 25 or so and I started romping on it and it would come up smoth and i get it pretty high for me so thats the way I do it in first you just have to practice little bye little and you will eventually get it I dont have to much experience at all I've only been riding for like three to four months all I can realy say is be carefull and don't push it to much especially if you dont feel comftable
I know what you mean because i can get it up but it just wont stay there. Thanks for the info
no problem thats what we are all here for
TomLeeR1 said:
how much do you jerk your throttle on first?
I know what you mean because i can get it up but it just wont stay there.
I think this thread has a hidden message...LOL!
Welcome LudEcrous

:hellobye I think You may be right about the hidden message :lol
ok guys...lets get our minds out of the gutter. I meant the throttle on the bike . hahahahah
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