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My R1 eats my gurda
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ok i need some pilot powers 120/190

im looking around and the cheapest i found was ebay and im sure i can get cheaper... any places now selling sets for cheap? i also gotta ship to canada so a place in east coast is a must (north center is ok too)


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I wasn't being funny!

1. What are you exactly looking for?
2. What is your riding style?
3. Which profile are you looking for?
4. Do you ride street/canyon/track?
5. Do you want 50's or 55's for the rear?
6. If you just burn up the streets, then you can use 180/55 at a cheaper price.
7. If you don't want the cost of a 190/50 or 55, you can run a 180/55 at a cheaper price.
8. If you just want the looks, then you can do the 190/50. But if that is the case, just throw a 200 underneath and park the bike at a fast food joint - strike a poze and say cheese.
9. A 190/55 will cost you more. More contact and will turn like 180/55.
10. That's why I was asking if you did a search to see what you were looking for to suit your style.
11. You can also go to a track or ask one of the guys close for tires that have hot laps on them.
12. Also, don't know where you live, but if it's cold where you live this time of year - if you run a softer compound you will tear your tires easier than wear them - depending on how you ride.


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Out of curiousity can you still evenride in canada this time of year?
black89 Thats a good one He He its below freezing with 1-3 feet of snow here in Canada now! No riding till spring for sure! As for good deals on tires for Sportbikes try these guys in PEI 40% off list best deals in Atlantic Canada
A pic from yesterday here on PEI


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