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Who's got what fender elim for their '04

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I'm currently looking for a fender eliminator for my soon to be here R1. I still haven't seen anything too special out there. Help a brutha out! What do you have? Opinions on it?
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Darkangel said:
You have got to see the integrated signals from Custom LED! It is fking sweet. I saw it on Spiderman's bike at Daytona, and I couldn't stop looking at the damn thing. I don't think nothing will be able to touch that IMO.
Would that be the Graves setup? Any pics?
Now THAT is what I'm looking for! Thanks guys! Is the Greggs setup pretty much the same thing?
Does anybody know if the Greggs or Custom LED include a relay?
XbusaRyder said:
here is my home made job. I still got to get the greggs rear led conversion but I have spent $5.00 so far.
I like that too. Can you give us some detail?

There's some nice work in here. Thanks for sharing. I found out that the Custom LED comes with a Libertech relay adjustable to 5 speeds.:thumbup :beer
Eyespy said:
What leads you to believe that the Custom LED includes the Libertek relay? :dunno
I got this reply when I asked him if it included a relay:

Hey, The relay is a Libertech and is ajustable with 5 speeds. The Custom LED is the circuit board that you install into your stock tail light housing. Pictured instructions wouuld be insclosed.

Did I misunderstand and it's not included?:dunno
Cameron Watts said:
Graves with TBR exhaust.
Nice setup! Keeping the stock blinkers?
Eyespy said:
The description is correct, but yes, you did misunderstand, as the relay is sold separate from the board. :)
Thanks for clearing that up, Eyespy:thumbup
1 - 9 of 69 Posts
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