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Who's got what fender elim for their '04

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I'm currently looking for a fender eliminator for my soon to be here R1. I still haven't seen anything too special out there. Help a brutha out! What do you have? Opinions on it?
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here is my home made job. I still got to get the greggs rear led conversion but I have spent $5.00 so far.


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Greggs is the same as cutomled.com. I got the greggs think from the flush mount blinkers that are on the custom led website.
I just went down to the hardware store and purchased some 2 inch brass corner braces. A pair of bolts and locking nuts. I also put some fat rubber washer between the brace and the bike. I used the lisence plate frame that came with the original fender. The two holes that are on it are the same distance as the holes for the rear pegs. You have to put a bit of a bend on the braces but they are manipulated fairly easily.


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I emailed them and asked the same question and they suggested buying the Libertek F1 relay. You can manually adjust the speed that your blinkers will flash. $39.99 at McCoy Motorsports.
the guys at custom led said that I would have to buy it seperate.
I didn't drill a thing. bolts right in with the OEM metal lisence plate frame. just need a wrench rachet and a little strength to bend the corner braces. because the braces are slightly bent though you have to put the braces on first before you mount the plate frame to it.
those cans look like bazookas!! how do they sounds?
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