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Who's got what fender elim for their '04

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I'm currently looking for a fender eliminator for my soon to be here R1. I still haven't seen anything too special out there. Help a brutha out! What do you have? Opinions on it?
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BLUE99 said:
Now THAT is what I'm looking for! Thanks guys! Is the Greggs setup pretty much the same thing?
There's a group purchase going on for integrated LED's. It's a lot cheaper than customled's. The total price is $119 and that includes the installation of the board and shipping. I've attached the link below.

rdr4evr69 said:
If anyone is interested I am going to be producing fender eliminators for the 04 R1 out of stanless. I already have them for the 02-03 available. They will use the stock mounting screws and holes from taking the fender off. For signals I will either include some short stalks or you can get your own. The price will be very good on these. I have 10 left for 02-03 R1's, and I am selling them for $39 shipped w/o blinkers and $15 more with. If anyone is interested in the 02-03 eliminators PM me and I can get you one now, If anyone is interested in the 04 eliminator PM me and I will let you know as soon as they are done,
You have any pics rdr4evr69?
1 - 2 of 69 Posts
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