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Who's got what fender elim for their '04

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I'm currently looking for a fender eliminator for my soon to be here R1. I still haven't seen anything too special out there. Help a brutha out! What do you have? Opinions on it?
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XbusaRyder said:
here is my home made job. I still got to get the greggs rear led conversion but I have spent $5.00 so far.
Nice job! :thumbup

Btw, I've never seen the Gregg's rear leds, anyone has more info or pics of it?


r1rider871 said:
Lockhart Phillips also sells the clear rear LED tailight as well. It's $79.95 and looks the same as the ones everyone is getting.
Really? Can you get us more info on the LP?


1 - 2 of 69 Posts
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