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Who's got what fender elim for their '04

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I'm currently looking for a fender eliminator for my soon to be here R1. I still haven't seen anything too special out there. Help a brutha out! What do you have? Opinions on it?
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CRASH-HARDER, did you have to have the same ohm value for the 3 led's and the existing signal on each side. Did you basically series the 3 led's and somehow spliced the wires to the existing signal light wires.. Can you please explain in LAYMANS :dunno terms how you did it and the led's that you used.
Your set-up looks the best I have seen yet..
So if you have a few minites please explain:thumbup :hellobye
Hey, JK

I like it and easily(buy) accessible:thumbup
I too have my plate in front of the exhaust like a lot of you all but was curious if anybody was concerned with the inspection tag. I can't think of a good place to put it but I don't want to be hasseled by the police for not having an inspection tag.
61 - 69 of 69 Posts
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