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Vale..... Not really a daft question as a lot of people will not know the reason for the 675.
The 650 was being replaced because it was only a modded 600 motor which was becoming out dated and was never designed to become a 650. The 600 was dropped for two reasons as far as I can see.
1) Lack of racing results...One BSB supersport win and that TT win, the TT win was a bit of an scandle because the rumour was the Triumph ran a Honda CBR motor !!! As the triumph motor was not reliable enough for the TT but they needed the TT as a promotional event. The last BSB Supersport motors were not really legal as they went out side the rules with parts of the engine. I cannot say what but I can say I know this is true as I was the one who made the changes !!!!

2) The bike was too rev happy and not enough torque for triumph customers so they built the 650 to use up remaining stock. This gave then time to build a totally new bike which would not have to go racing to prove itself and would follow the three cylinder format loved by Triumph fans and sporty enough for new younger riders to become owners of the marque.

The 650 was regarded as a good handling bike let down by the engine which was too big to be really regarded as a mid sized sport bike like other 600's or the Kawasaki 636. It also lacked the torque of the 636 or the power of the 600's. So Triumph needed a bike which would not be compared directly in the same way the Ducati 749 cannot beat most 600's in road trim but is still thought as a good bike because it handles so well.

Enter the 675... The chassis is adjustable with an adjustable swing arm pivot point and quality suspension and wheels with radial brakes. All the parts needed to make it feel like a sport bike and as you can see the shape of the bike has taken some of the better aspects of the 2005 sportbikes. Seat like a CBR600rr, sub frame like the Ducati 749, the cast chassis parts like the yamaha R6 and the air intake of the Kawasaki 636. They have built a nice looking bike and it is very compact and the sound is very Triumph and very sports bike at the same time.

I hope that is a good enough explanation...... I have to admit I would lve to try the Triumph and I think if it was as good as it looks I would be tempted to buy one.

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wow... that's a lot of information... thanks! :thumbup

First when I posted this question, I thought the 650 style/shape only came out in 2004/2005... but then I double-checked and it's actually the same shape as 2003... but first I was thinking why Triumph dumped this design after only 2 years... which was actually a 3 years design...

What you said about them created the 650 made a lot of sense... and me too I'm very interested to try this 675 also... out of all the new 600s for 2006, I think this one got most of my attention... if I want to buy a 600 and if this one performs as good as it sound, then this one will definitely be on top of the list...

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