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I tried asking this on the other Daytona thread, but got no response. Thought I'd try again...

Those who are familiar with the track, which area is the best to watch races from? Please recommend from the following:

Nextel tower sec. D
Nextel tower sec. T
Petty tower sec. S
Earnardt tower sec. B
Sec: Adv. Infield/Grandstand
Sec: Adv. Grandstand

Thanks so much.

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Your best bet is to buy unreserved grandstand tickets. For the Daytona 200, it is pretty much the whole frontstretch. Then it is first come, first serve. Get there early and find the seat you want. It depends on what you want to see. Also, kids under 10 are free with a paid unreserved ticket. Go to Daytona International Speedway web site and you can look at the view from different seats. Hope that helped.
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