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Wife complaining!!!

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I had a 2000 R1 that my wife loved to ride on. I just picked up my 02 a couple of weeks ago. She's gone for a couple of rides and she's complaining about the sharp edges of the tail hurting her ankles. Anybody elses wives/girlfriends?

Oh, too bad I guess I'll have to ride alone, what a shame............:p
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My gal likes it. She says she does sit up hi, kinda like a trophy;) , but i like that! She does not complain to much about comfort, but we have not been riding for more than 30 minutes at a time.
My g/f slips down onto the riders seat from time to time......normally when she fancies a rub though.

If she was complaining about her ankle, I'd ask her to put them somewhere else...ummm nudge nudge ;)
Maybe I can talk her into sitting in front of me....:makeout :jump :rock
My wife (Rhonda) says her ankles are nowhere near the tailsection. She was used to riding our last bike which had a grab rail behind her, and has no complaints with the '02. I did install a psuedo seat bolster behind me (see the "junkyard mods" thread) to keep her from sliding down into my space, a pair of heli-bars, and a neoprene cod protector, and I think we're set for the Big Kahuna nationals ....:p
When I would ride with Justin (and NOT that often!!!) I would slide my feet halfway off the footpeg. This is not uncomfortable at all ( I always wore my riding boots with a think rubber bottom) and it solved the ankle problem. When my sister would ride with me, I told her to do the same thing and she agreed that it was much better.
The only other solution is to get her a R1 too---then she won't want to ride on the back and complain :rock

[email protected] r1.com.org.asm hey SatanicMechanic: got a picture of those mods? id like to see em. :thumbup
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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