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Hi guys,

on the new R1 - when we change tire size/brand and gearing, will this have negative impact on the TCS/SCS ?

The last 4 years I've been racing Aprilia RSV4 aPRC, and when we do the above there is a very simple calibrating process, that we have to do...and then we're good to go.

But on the new R1 there is no such calibrating thing (on stock ECU).
So.....is the electronics so clever designed, that it not needed...it's 'self-calibrating'...or does it mess up TCS/SCS when we change tire/gearing ?

I've not found any information on this issue...but would like to know.
Aprilia was very open about this...they explained how it worked, what to do and what not to do.


At the press demo in Australia, they switched to Track-ECU and also changed tyre-type/size/profile and gearing....but TCS/SCS still worked very well.
So...is it self-calibrating or maybe there is a tire/gearing menu that has to be adjusted (using the Track-ECU) ?


On the KIT-ECU there is a pulldown menu, where we can choose between different tyre sizes/brands/compounds.

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I ordered a Kit ECU and cable harness from my Yamaha dealer. He went to a R1 2015 training and was not aware of a Track or Competition ECU. I would have been fine with the track ECU. I saw in one of the Sydney Youtube videos mentioning someone the competition ECU. Now I can not find the video anymore. I will probably fit it in the Kit ECU over the winter break as it is quite some work to replace the cable harness. Long term my R1 will be a pure track bike.

Has anyone any information about the Track / Competition ECU?
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