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Wings -vs- Avalanche

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How about those Red Wings, think my home team can pull it off tonight? Then win another Stanley Cup.....

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Wolf R1, I have to admit, it has been a hell of a series, best hockey i have seen in a long time. At least you got to love that.

BTurnerR1 said:
**** the Red Wings. Isn't it called red winging a girl when you have sex with them on their period. With all that red they got it looks like they enjoy red winging girls.
Your hilarious, true fan are you, hate the other team??? All you needed to say was Go AVS....instead you resort to bashing the wings....I guess you got your point across.

Must be a fetish or something for him....

Cool, I feel better now.......Thanks.....Actually, I feel about the same way you do, towards the Avs....they are indeed a bad ass team.

Have some beers tonight and enjoy the game, I will be doing the same.

7-0 Wings........Her comes the cup, here comes the cup, that is pretty cool considering the owner of the company I work for lives next door to Nickolas Lidstrom and he brings the cup to our work whenever they win. This could be my third picture of me holding the Stanley Cup.....If we win, I will post a picture of me holding the cup sitting on my R1, how cool would that be????

1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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