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Rode the new and improved version of my ’20 at NCM this past weekend and felt like I just won the MotoGP title🎉
This is my first real track ride since crashing last July, having surgery on my separated shoulder, and resurrecting the R1 into a track bike. My biggest question/fear was wondering if I could get back up to my previous level and pick up where I left off with my riding. Secondly: does the bike work? (First big repair job)
Saturday morning rain kept me of the track until afternoon sessions, but after a little bit I felt right at home. Sunday was clear/dry all day and things got real fun.
The bike blows my f$cking mind 💥 I didn’t do anything to the motor, but it’s definitely faster. The new shocks (and adding two links for more length per @Gearheaded) put so much more power to the ground that make corner exits like a slingshot. Made me make adjustments to my lines-awesome!! The new front end (forks and clip-ons) transmit so much feedback at first I thought I messed something up. Truth is I was feeling things that have always been there but I couldn’t pick them up. In short, I can say that I made more progress with my braking in one day than since I started on track 3 years ago. I was able to brake later and trail in better because I can feel exactly when the brakes bite and exactly when they release. This was huge for confidence while trail braking.
The track fairing (seat unit in particular) made moving around the bike , feeling where I was on the seat, and making slight adjustments so much easier. Of course I screwed something up and lost the top piece/pad of my seat on the drive up. I forgot to tighten the dzus fasteners and it must have flown off. Some spare foam and duct tape did the job😉 This along with the raised ride height made transitions from brakes to lean much smoother.
If you read this all the way to here -thanks! I can’t talk to the wife about this stuff and all my riding buddies are hours away. I can’t wait ‘till next month!!!
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That’s awesome. Shame about the seat, but there’s nothing duct tape can’t fix.

I’ve never had a bike suspension setup for my weight, or bought aftermarket suspension. I’m really wanting to do it now though, I’ve never heard anyone say anything negative about upgrading/tuning suspension.
No lie… next time we are riding together I’ll set your suspension
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