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Just thought I would post a few lines about the subject clip-ons. I had a Revzilla gift card to use so I picked these up along with some Woodcraft weighted bar end sliders.

These are the first Woodcraft products I've owned but expected the quality to be high based on how often I see their products recommended. I certainly wasn't disappointed.

The machining was very nice and the clip-ons have a nice finished look. The only issue I had was that the included screws for clamping down on the actual bars were too long. I ended up using a couple screws leftover from removing my stock clip-ons so no big deal.

The only way I could install the new clip-ons all the way up against the triple tree was by sweeping the bars back toward me more than stock. I went out for about a 2 hour ride like that and it hurt the insides of my wrists a little.

So I dropped both sides down 1/4" below the triple tree and angled the bars more toward the front of the bike. Ended up angled a bit more forward than the stock bars before I ran out of clearance on the sides of the nose fairing/windshield. This also freed up the brake hose, which was a little tight with the bars at the full 1" rise.

I rode for about 3 hours Sunday on roads where the bike is leaned one way or the other at least 75 percent of the time. My hands and wrists were feeling much better at the end than they usually would after riding the same basic route. I'm sure the weighted bar ends didn't hurt but I've never thought my bars vibrated all that much, so I credit the new position of the bars for most of the improvement in comfort.

The one gripe I have is about the weighted slider bar ends and it's just a cosmetic thing. The replaceable pucks are drilled all the way through for the screw that holds them onto the base. That means there really isn't a good angle you can mount the puck so that a hole isn't visible.

My final verdict is that this was a great mod for my bike. The 3/4" of rise I ended up with seems to be very normal for my bike generation, regardless of clip-on brand.

I had been planning to purchase the Apex adjustable clip-ons before I ended up with the Revzilla gift card. I don't own the Apex but, without lengthening your brake line and various cables, I think I ended up with about the same bar position for less money. If you are going to lengthen your cables the Apex kit would probably allow you to place the bars higher and further back, with more options for the angle of the bars.

Hope this helps someone. I didn't take pictures of anything but I can grab a couple of the end result if anyone is interested.

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