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World Stunt Riding Competition

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Anyone ever been to this competition? Would you go again?


I was thinking of getting tickets to this event, but if it's not worth my time and the money it will cost to come from Boston then forget it.
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I've seen Rothwell live 6 times or so, and talked to him at some lenght at the Formula USA round at PIR a couple years ago. GREAT guy:cool: Lot's of funny stories, and a very down to earth guy:yesnod
It's all where you are coming from. I admire and appreciate the skill and outright BALLS these guys have:eek: , but I'd prefer a good race any day;)
We should do a poll about this? It seems to me ( I could be wrong............ again:( ) that there are more guys interested in stunting here than tearing it up at the track or in the twisties, no?
I mean absolutely no disrespect to stunters;) I like wheelies too, but find they are slowing my progress to the next corner, therefore I'm usually attempting to keep the front planted to that end:yesnod I know it's a little off topic, but it DOES interest me to see what you guys think:p
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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