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World Stunt Riding Competition

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Anyone ever been to this competition? Would you go again?


I was thinking of getting tickets to this event, but if it's not worth my time and the money it will cost to come from Boston then forget it.
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Stunt show

I like in Oklahoma City and will be going for sure. If you are flying in from out of town and need a place to crash you are welcome to stay at "THE MAN'S" house. just E-mail me and let me know. It ain't HEF's place, but it's good enough :) [email protected]:boobies

Sounds great brother. What ever you want to do. I will have to scam a bike to ride to the show, as my R1 motor is still in a million pieces. Be awsome to see a few R1 Forum members in person. We need to get all the R1 Forum guys (and gals) together before or after the show just to hang out and BS for a bit.:thumbup
Bike to ride

Rite now in my garage I have an 00 R1 (motorless SHAFT) , 02 F4I, 00 ZX12, 01 929, 99 R6, and a Yamaha V-Star. I will find something to ride....lol

Just give me a shout some time and we can make plans to meet up Friday night or when ever you get into town. 405-412-6472
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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