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NewsPhillip Island, Australia 10/01/2008 WSB/ WSS Phillip Island Winter test

Noriyuki Haga

Haga and Corser move forward at Phillip Island

Noriyuki Haga and Troy Corser (Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team) completed a tough but successful three day test at Phillip Island in conditions which varied from relatively cool to exceptionally hot, finding real improvements while using Yamaha?s YCC-I variable intake system in full race trim.

Noriyuki Haga (Position: 6th ? Best time: 1?32.4)
?It?s gone very well. We spent the days testing new parts, the results are good so now I am just waiting for the race. I?ve tried new suspension, new swing arm linkages and many tyres and the variable inlet trumpets. Before coming to Phillip Island I tested the variable inlet trumpets for two days in Japan and the feeling is very good. We can see from the power curve that it is better and as a rider it gives me a better feeling. It gives us increased adjustment and for sure we will use this from now on.? Haga?s personal best time of 1?32.4 was only 0.3 seconds from the best over the three days of testing, while Corser set a 1?32.7, both concentrating their efforts on finding good race settings and tyre options in the constantly changing track conditions.

Corser in particular found the surface uncharacteristically bumpy in places, and the final day of testing, run in ambient temperatures of 38?C at times, was hard work for all.

As well as successful trials of the YCC-I system, the team evaluated swingarm and linkage developments, with Corser also trying out new braking components. The very high temperatures of the final day are not expected to be experienced at the Phillip Island race itself, on 2 March.

Troy Corser

Troy Corser (Position: 7th ? Best time: 1?32.7)
?We?ve had a lot to test but we?ve seen a direction - some were good and some not so good. I?ve been working to improve the stability on the bike and we?ve also been trying some new discs to give us better braking. We?ve had a whole range of front forks, rear shocks and a different swing arm link and tyres to test. The actual one lap fast times on the final day didn?t really come but we gained a lot of data, a lot of feedback and have a good race speed. I only spent the final afternoon using the variable inlet but I?ve been able to feel a bit different power. I think we?ve still got a bit of work to do to find the best bike balance here but it?s definitely been a positive test.?

Massimo Meregalli (Team Coordinator - Yamaha Motor Italia WSB Team)
"We have to be happy with this test because we are better than last year and the year before and in particular over a race distance our speed is good. Still this circuit remains difficult for us because it offers not the grip level that makes are bike work perfect. It is difficult to say the difference between us and the competition, because we did our long run at around 12 noon, most others did theirs at a different time. We were happy with ours, especially the one from Noriyuki, so we are leaving Phillip Island feeling optimistic. Both riders used the variable intake system properly for the first time and both of them were very happy with it. It is a positive step and for sure we will use it at the first race in Qatar.?

Circuit Length: 4.445km,
Temp: First day 20?C, rising to last day 38?C
Weather: Dry, sunny

Parkes hot at home as Foret continues progress
Broc Parkes left his home circuit of Phillip Island with the best lap time of the three day test in the Supersport category, while his new team-mate, Fabien Foret (Yamaha World Supersport Team) also made great progress with the new Yamaha YZF-R6.

Parkes set a blistering 1?34.6, some 0.4 seconds faster than his closest rivals, and easily inside the previous lap records. Foret found the set-up changes he needed to set his best of 1?35.2 on the very last day. It had been a tough test because of the every increasing temperature, and the fact that since the last test there, the track has become bumpy in places.

A lot of effort was focused on finding suspension setting that worked effectively, as the previous test of the brand new machine was conducted on the smooth and flat circuit at Qatar, in late November.

Broc Parkes

Broc Parkes (Position: 1st ? Best time: 1?34.6)
"It?s been a good test and we?ve been working really well. The engine, chassis and suspension is all working together, we?ve tried a lot of things and it seems that every direction we went in was a good one and we kept improving. The new bike is a big improvement especially the engine, it?s got more torque which makes it more user friendly and it?s also giving us better tyre life. All in all I?m really happy, at the Qatar test I was quickest and I?ve been fastest all three days here in Phillip Island so hopefully we can keep the momentum going until the first race.?

Fabien Foret
Fabien Foret (Position: 4th ? Best time: 1?35.2)
"My test was much better on the final day and I did a few fast laps at the end, so I am a bit happier than I was on day one or two. I am still working on the feel and feedback from the front and because of the very hot conditions everyone seemed to be looking for grip. Turn one was very bumpy, but the grip was the biggest thing for me in the heat.?

Wilco Zeelenberg (Team Coordinator - Yamaha World Supersport Team)
"The test went OK even if the conditions changed each day and the track was quite bumpy in places compared to the experience we had at the Qatar tests. It was very smooth and flat there. It was 20?C on the first day, 30?C on the second and then 38?C today, so we have tested the new bike in every condition except rain. We had to work hard for three days to find the best suspension settings and we still have work to do to be exactly where we want to, but we still have the time and space to do that. We have been fast, so that is not an issue. We also did some successful long runs to choose tyres.?

Circuit Length: 4.445km
Temp: First day 20?C, rising to last day 38?C
Weather: Dry, sunny

Superbike times combined
1. Yukio Kagayama (JPN-Suzuki) 1?32.1
2. Troy Bayliss (AUS-Ducati) 1?32.2
3. Michel Fabrizio (ITA-Ducati) 1?32.3
4. Ruben Xaus (ESP-Ducati) 1?32.3
5. Fonsi Nieto (ESP-Suzuki) 1?32.3
6. Noriyuki Haga (JPN-Yamaha) 1?32.4
7. Troy Corser (AUS-Yamaha) 1?32.7
8. Max Biaggi (ITA-Ducati) 1?32.8
9. Regis Laconi (FRA-Kawasaki) 1?33.0
10. Makoto Tamada (JPN-Kawasaki) 1?33.4
11. Max Neukirchner (GER-Suzuki) 1?35.5

Supersport times combined
1. Broc Parkes (AUS-Yamaha) 1?34.6
2. Jonathan Rea (GBR-Honda) 1?35.0
3. Andrew Pitt (AUS-Honda) 1?35.0
4. Fabien Foret (FRA-Yamaha) 1?35.2
5. Katsuaki Fujiwara (JPN-Kawasaki) 1?35.6
6. Chris Walker (GBR-Kawasaki) 1?35.7
7. Josh Brookes (AUS-Honda) 1?35.7
8. Garry McCoy (AUS-Triumph) 1?35.9
9. Robbin Harms (DEN-Honda) 1?36.4
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