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WTB: 09-14 R1 Aftermarket Lowering Link & Smoke Windscreen

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Looking for a lowering link for my 10 R1 prefer it not to be the dog bone style and a smoke windscreen. Thanks!
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I've got both. Vortex unit, lowers 1 1/2", and a smoked windscreen (ZG maybe? - dunno, it was on the bike).

Let me know!
Ok great! What are you looking to get for each of them? Thanks!
Guess I'm still looking if anyone has either for sale. Thanks
I've got a vortex link and adjustable kickstand. Pm me a offer I have absolutely no use for them.
Lowering links on their way thanks MHAUTO! Still looking for a smoke windscreen if anyone has one laying around they want to get rid of. Thanks!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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