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I’m looking for a 2004 R1. I’m buying a replacement for my 2002 (stolen), and it’s just something to hold me until the ’06 is available (already have a deposit on one).

I have $7000 to spend (that’s my budget; that’s it). This will be a cash-deal, if it makes a difference to you. :dollar

You need to have the title in your possession, your name on the title, some form of ID, and the VIN needs to match the title (you’d be surprised).

I’d also prefer a bike with an after-market pipe (don’t care about the brand) and enough tire tread to ride 800-1000 miles from the point of pick-up.

Your location doesn’t matter; I’m concerned primarily with price and the condition of the bike.

I’m not interested in any salvage-title bikes or stunter-specials.

I’d love to pick up something by the weekend.

If you have something that fit’s the description above, PM me or reply in this thread.

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