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I am interested in the Autocad version. I can draw it if needed but I was hoping that I did not need to reinvent the wheel. If you want pm me and I can give you the e-mail address.:rock

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sweet.. I hijacked them all.. thanks for the post guys

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R102ralph said:
what bout this
I'm not trying to be an a$$hole, here' just some info FYI - this emblem is for Yamaha International, NOT Yamaha Motor.
Notice that the pointy ends of the tuning forks do not connect with the outer circle, if the points do not touch the ring it's for Yamaha International (music, PC, sporting goods, etc.).
If the points touch/overlap the ring, it's for Yamaha Motor.
Also the name Yamaha is shown differently.. if the middle point on the M does not go all the way down to the same lenght as the rest of the Yamaha letters, it's for Yamaha International.
The M for Yamaha Motors will have all points of the M the same length.
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