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Perfectly put. Japanese bikes tolerate poor servicing better than Ducatis.
yupper... from time to time i sit back n' read up on the forums n' go through the list of things the young'ens bitch about n' half the
shit is stuff you should know is gonna go if you know what you're looking at.. not a personal shot at comments above which prompted
my response but if you were to look closely at what 'consumer reports' suggest 'suffering a failure of some sort' it doesnt exactly say
'blown motor' for three bloody pages, its always the stupid little things which anyone with half a wrench kit should know is there and
will require higher than normal service intervals than your average japanese bike...

the rest of the time is " i walked into the service shop " and they handed me this litte doohickey which apparently reached end of life..

i dont know what it does :hammer:

It's usually the Duc guys I personally know who are always on top of maintenance and yes……they still have issues.
'issues' is a pretty damn big gray area my friend...

if you're looking to purchase used, you will often find what you consider 'issues' was taken care of by the original owner, either he's got a wicked shop he deals with and they took care of the bike very well, or he's actually a knowledgeable motorcycle owner who stays on top of it all, and no worries here you go she's ready to go. hope you dont mind the high miles :lol

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OP are you buying new 2015 model?
Then you might want to wait a little bit, the 959 should be coming soon (so you can either get a good deal on a 899, or check out what's new on the 959).

For the other points:
- service/cost...Duc is worse
- comfort...that's a tricky one. It depends from your body type. I found the 899 more comfortable than the R1 '15 (I'm 5'10), but more or less the same as R1 previous gen
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