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Yamaha YZF-R1 2002, here it is!

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Oh lordy, what have they done?!

Well, I for one like the early ones better (98-99), this looks a bit too Star Wars for me. But that´s just my opinion.
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This one is better, though.
Man you beat me to it If I was at home I would have got ya. I don't know if I like it or not.
Kind of a dissapointment.. but I really think the bike looks very nice. I'm sure it'll sell a lot. It got that R1'ish look.
Btw, can you see that the model name is 2002 FZ1. :eek:
But what have they done to the rear end??!
Seems as if they have taken a dump in the blue locker....as we say in Sweden..:D
Love that black frame/swingarm look! I was hoping it would catch on. Shame about the plastic, especially the back end. Anyone have any specs?
But why o why havent they provided us with some facts about the BHP???
I bet it is 159.8 or something like that ;)
The updated engine will make two more horsepower on top but has a "massive" mid-range punch. It will have titanium head pipes and exhaust pipes, and the EXUP gets upgraded in the exhaust to a two-shaft design. Induction is from a forward-facing air box (not Ram Air).
Have you read this somewhere or do you have inside info? The two extra horsepowers on top, is that all the extra power we can expect?? Seems a bit low considering where Suzuki is heading...?

But hey - I can´t handle the poor ponnies in my little bike right now either so why complain ;)
www.motorcycledaily.com posted the information about the hp. The new bike is nice but I like my 2001 R1 Limited Edition better. I'm glad to see the fuel injection finally. The main focus was shaving weight (3 pounds :rolleyes: ) and handling. Not even sure if the everyday rider will take notice to the handling differences. I for one would rather have some more HP to see it compete with Suzuki. Here some thoughts I posted in another forum. Figured I would paste them here to save from typing. Some comments apply to that forum's members.

What does everyone think about all the other enhancements? Though I am glad that I bought my R1 LTD Edition when I did the technology in the new bike does appeal to me. I'm interested to know how the fuel injection will work. Will it be smooth or will it have dead spots? Interesting to note that the engine has been moved up towards the center of the frame. Cool. The visual appearance looks good, but it's a little to much black for me. The frame, swingarm, forks, etc. I know where they are going with it but it just doesn't grab me. I do like some of it though. The silver is sweet but like others I think it should be all silver. Besides this color scheme what happened to the color survey results? I thought they may have been onto something. The shift indicator light can go in my opinion. Replace it with a top gear indicator instead. The new positioning of the lights (low fuel, oil, etc) on the LED doesn't appeal to me that much but that is minor. The lower profile tank looks cool but holds less gas. Forward-facing air box. They make it almost sound like Ram-Air. Ok? All of these weight saving features and they only shave 3 pounds. Hmm. Motorcycle Daily said the bike only has 2 more hp. I would have liked to see more. The main focus was on handling. I'm not sure if I will get a chance to ride a 2002 or not but I wish they would have thrown some extra hp in there. Just my take on the whole thing. Would I get one...sure, if I didn't already have a 2001. I think they will realize people will want more power, not because they need it, just because people want it. Don't get me wrong, the R1 is AWESOME! And it has more power then I will ever use, just can't see it sitting in the top position with only 152hp at the crank. I will look forward to the next redesign, hopefully with more horsies at the rear wheel to compete with Suzuki. Any last thing, what are the new lights in the headlight housing for? Are they running lights?
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My hp figures were wrong. Here is an article from Motorcycle News along with my biggest gripe.


"However despite these changes power is only fractionally up on last years R1. Yamaha claims the new bike produces just 3bhp more with 153bhp at the crank. Torque is up by 2ftlb to 84ftlb.

Harris said: " Tuning firms have proved that there is loads of power that can be gained from the motor. Figures of over 160bhp would have been easy, but we believe that creating a more user-friendly bike was more important. " "

:( I would have liked to see more.
If you read on the Yamaha web site they say it is a brand new fuel injection system never before used on a sportbike,which means to me there are gonna be problems with it. Of course I never buy a first year bike.Just my 0.02

I think it is simply amazing. I really like the blue one..always have though. I cant wait to see some #'s
Twisted Logic said:
If you read on the Yamaha web site they say it is a brand new fuel injection system never before used on a sportbike,which means to me there are gonna be problems with it. Of course I never buy a first year bike.Just my 0.02
At least they have this info...

"Yamaha have used technology gained from their race teams to create a new type of injector with a vacuum controlled intake system. Sensors measure the air temperature and pressure, atmospheric pressure, coolant temperature, rpm and throttle position. This data is then fed into an ECU which adjusts the injectors to deliver the optimum amount of fuel. But in addition vacuum pressure from the intake ports control special pistons in the throttle bodies which adjust the airflow giving better control at low revs, the area where injection systems are often accused of being jerky."
Everyone is worried about horsepower. Who cares if it doesn't have the best top end....or the quickest quarter mile times. This is not what the bike is intended for. I'll take better suspension over more hp anytime! I'm sure this thing will out handle all the previous R1's. That's what sportbikes are all about. And what's even better?
The bike will still retail for $10,299!!!!:D
I like the Blue one!!!! The red/white/black one seems like it's missing something.

Time to upgrade my R6?;)
wow, remember this thread??
Stepped into the R1-Forum.com time machine... :lol
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