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Yo Swedie......

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Any more word on whether or not your coming to the States? If so you should plan a trip to Maine. It's right on the way from Sweden and you would be welcome to stay here for a couple of days if you wanted to. Smokeater lives fairly close to me. It would be cool if we could all get together. What do you think Smokeater and all other New England residents, interested in an international R1-Forum get together? I think it would be cool.

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Maine is ffffaaaaaaarrrrrr and cccccooooollllldddddd *bbbbbuuurrrrrrr*. I'm about 4 hours from Twisted, depending on where he's at in Houston. The weather, although very unpredictable, is usually very moderate. However, Houston in the summer is like a sauna. I ride to work at least 3 or 4 days and usually every day of the week. And this is the coldest part of the year!!

But you must be warned that Texas drivers have tunnel vision and they are usually on the phone. Just watch out and expect the worst from everyone. On the way home from work today this crazy lady sped up when her lane ended and cut in front of an 18 wheeler. And then she comes over in my lane. I knew she was going to do it but I also knew if I sped up she would over-react with the wheel and cause an accident. I let her go and just gave a little honk to let her know she should pay more attention. And guess what she was doing?!?!?! Talking on the DAMN phone!!!

Well, no matter where you end up in the states, I think we should all get together for an R1Forum ride. It would be cool to meet all you guys!!

good luck with the job!!

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