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Yosh RS3 on 02 R1 Pics!

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I just installed my new carbon Yosh RS3. I use to own a D+D for my 98. The Yosh went on super easy vs my D+D on the old bike. It has a much deeper sound at all rpms. The D+D was high pitch and raspy and gave it more of a 600 sound. Also this slip on installed with out any leaks first time. The fit is perfect just bolt it on and you don't have to tinker with it. I like the Akra I just did not think it was work $100 more and you have to worrry about the damn sticker coming off with the heat. Check out the 2 pics I took today.

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Looks great :rock
Unrelated Question

hey scottie,
I was noticing that you are in Orlando, FL. How is it down there? I am seriously considering moving the family down there next summer for good. What are the jobs looking like? My wife is a nurse and I tinker with bikes and personal train.

Also, how is the riding? I've heard that Florida doesnt have too many twisties but if there are some places that I can do a trackday every now and then, that will suffice.


BTW, nice choice on the pipe, I got the same..
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