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You already received a lot of bad advice so it's time for a good one.
No 1 Your bike setup - frame geometry (swingarm angle, & rake) and ergonomics to suit your riding position on the bike. Plenty of info available on correct angles for handling and it does not cost a lot to make it right.
No 2 Suspension. You will get nowhere with the best tires if your suspension does not work as it should. That means correct springs for your weight front & back with the sag in correct range. Many tracks offer a suspension setting service so it is well worth the money to use it. Not sure if Dave Moss is visiting India yet. :smily005:
No 3 Learn to ride fast correctly. No offence, but track is not like street only faster. Not sure what you have available locally. Is CSS active in India? At the very last get some of the Keith Codes books and read it thoroughly. Be smart first and brave second. Otherwise, if not destroy your bike you will just scare yourself or someone else.
No 4 Tires. Do not try to save money on a good tires. Dunlop's are excellent. Stay away from slicks until you lap times are within 10-15 seconds of the track record. Spend money on a good tire gauge and keep an eye for correct pressures.
No 5 Racing fairings. You want to loose some weight - lights, mirrors, indicators etc. Everything that does not makes the engine run comes off.
No 6 If you can afford it get a data acquisition system. Does not have to be very sophisticated and a lot of dash manufacturers like Starlane for example include many functions that will help you to be faster. The point is, you need to know what you and your bike is doing on the track. Not what you think or someone told you, but hard, objective data. You analyse, learn, change and try again. Otherwise you just doing laps which is OK but only if that's what you want.
No 6 Bling - rearsets, grips, levers etc. Do not make the bike any faster but looking better (sometimes)

Do not forget to enjoy your riding and always keep the shiny side up.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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