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YZF Grips

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Just so you guys know, I have all the info on ordering harri's YZF grips. Just let me know if you want them and I'll give you the info.
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Swedish people can order from Lelle's.. that I know :D I was half a meter from a pair of these ... and I couldn't get them! Arghh! made me pissed off!
anubis could you send me that info thanks for doing the leg work:D
Yes please pass the info to me toooooooo.Those grips
are so cool. Thanks:D
Here is the deal, I got a return email from them, they can be ordered from this place in NH, or from them in Italy directly. The charge for the grips are $16.00 a pair, and she said that the shipping is $9.00. The way that I see it, the shipping is a bit high however $25.00 is about the price you will pay for any grips in any shop in the US.

I am not sure about the price to ship for those of you outside of the states.

For anyone interested the place in NH is:
phone 603.5244898

Or you can contact Annalisa directly at:
[email protected].
Ariete Harri's
Sandro Mentasti S.r.l.
via G. Macchi 30
I - 21100 VARESE

ph. +39 0332 310100
fax. +39 0332 312632

Hope this helps.
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